Dust, Dust, GO AWAY!

This morning, I had a small debate with my mum (when have we never?) about none other than……. my room. My very dusty room.

My room is the (apparently) hottest topic to arise between my parents and I, because 1) it’s very dusty, and 2) it’s messy on weekdays and 3) I’m getting married.

Let’s get to number 2) first, because that’s so easy (mcm exam lah pulak). I have my own room since I was in Sec 3. And I remembered my parents telling me so firmly this, “You now have your own room, it’s now your responsibility!” I understand where they are coming from. They want me to own a sense of responsibility. But it’s not like it has faded. I have just been…..so busy?

The only free time I have is weekends. And I clean my room over the weekend, with the exception of random-cleaning-mood that pops up on weekday nights.

I guess I don’t have much things to say about number 3), because I can’t do anything about that (ha ha).

Now to number 1)! Dum dum dum duuuuuum!

My room is soooooo dusty, my dad has countlessly commented that the dust can be used for Tayammum. My mum always links my dusty room to my lazy behaviour, which links to my sinus.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been badly misunderstood.

Somehow I feel it’s strange that the rest of the rooms in this house, doesn’t dust up as bad as my room! It’s like some conspiracy going on here…. But anyway, no matter how many times I wipe the dust away, it comes back to me within days!


Help! If you know any product that makes dust (and my parents’ naggings) go away for good, please recommend it to me!


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