Honey + Moon

When people ask me where I wish to go for my honeymoon, I answered them, “Phuket.” Followed by a huge question mark on some people’s faces.

Yes? What is bloody wrong with Phuket?

So I’ve heard of many couples planning for luxurious honeymoon destinations that can burn a huge hole in one’s pockets, especially after a struggle to save up. JUUUUUST for that honeymoon destination.

Oh wait, before I continue, allow me clarify. THE PURPOSE OF THIS ENTRY IS NOT TO SHOOT DOWN COUPLES WHO ARE PLAN FOR LUXURIOUS HONEYMOON TRIPS. I just don’t find any sense in MYSELF spending so much just to spend quality time with my husband.

Firstly, I am the type of person who contemplates really hard – listing out the benefits, pros vs cons, needs vs wants – when it comes to spending a good amount of money. If I know I’m about to spend money on my “wants”, I’d make sure that it’s worth my money.

If I know I can get the same thing for a cheaper price at another place or at a later time, I would wait.

So, back to this honeymoon topic. My definition of honeymoon:

“Honeymoon; pronounciation “HA-NEE-MOON” – to spend some private quality time with your husband, after a crazy period of planning the wedding.”

Heck, if I wanted to, I could just set up a 10-men tentage and spend my honeymoon by Pasir Ris Park Beach, with a “Do Not Disturb” signage outside, and lots of mosquito repellents for self-protection. (I doubt the husband would want to share me with them blood suckers. *snorts*)

Thankfully, I am not that stingy.

I fell in love with Phuket when I went there for a family vacation in 2010. Our four days three nights were not enough, so much beautiful things seen and I would like to share that with Tok (and explore Phuket more) when the day comes. The best part was that you don’t spend so much there!

So quit giving me that pitiful look when I choose to go for affordable trips with my husband in the near future. What counts more is the quality time we can spend with each other.



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