Hi, My Name is Juliana…

… and I am officially allergic to PRAWNS. *melalak, hentak-hentak kaki sambil golek-golek atas lantai*

That is the saddest news I’ve ever had to deal with in my whole entire life (so far).

Tetapi kan, what happened to me actually came with a hikmah. Throughout the whole week of them spots on my face, I did not dab a single make up on my face. For someone who is so used to having make up on her face 80% of the time, the first few days was very uncomfortable.

Rasa macam nak pakai Power Ranger nye topeng pun ade. Thank you to my friends who were responsive on which colour to wear. Suka eh.

It was then I began to ask myself, Kenapa lah dah dependent sangat pada make-up? Kan sekarang bila dah jadi camni, tak pakai make-up pun rasa ganjil. Jalan menunduk all the way!

So I decided. Not to wear make-up for seven days (even after the spots disappeared after the 4th day).


Taken last year (LEFT); Taken last Saturday (RIGHT).

Alhamdulillah, I feel more comfortable under my own skin now! Throughout these seven days, I discovered that if you keep having a positive outlook at almost everything, and keep smiling, your inner beauty shines brighter than your external beauty! Though there will still be days that I just feel like putting on some make-up, now I feel alright too when I choose not to wear make-up (and I know I look slightly different, haha).

Tapi jangan lah salah faham, I’m not implying that those who wear make-up lack self-confidence or dorang actually hodoh ke ape. Nak pakai, pakai lah, tak salah pun. I’m just saying, your inner beauty needs as equal attention as your external beauty.

Because walaupun orang yang ade skill untuk melawa macam J.Lo (oh, she is GORGEOUS!), tapi perangai buruk macam beruk – haiz… SABOR JE LAH!

With that said, jangan pulak tak jaga muka tu! Tak nak pakai make-up pun, mesti kena lah jaga kulit jugak. MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! AND MOISTURISE!

And jaga diet ok!


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