Kisah Banana

Some of you would have known how much I despise bananas. But it was last month that I decided to try eating THE fruit that has been said to contain many many many benefits, that I asked my mum to teach me how to buy a bunch of bananas.

So yesterday, I went to buy a bunch of bananas by myself.

Me: Hello auntie. Auntie I looking for bananas…
Auntie: Come! Come! One bunch for $2, you take 3, $5! (wah! so cheap ah!) You want to mix with other fruits here also can! 3 for $5!
Me: OK! Auntie this banana inside got cook or not?

Auntie had a huge question mark on her face.

Auntie: Hah? You take yellow one la!
Me: Ya lah, the yellow one inside got properly cook or not?

One second. Two second.

Me: Eh alamak auntie…… What banana cook? RIPE lah! The banana ripe or not? (Bagus, auntie yang disalahkan.)
Auntie: OOOOHHH! Ya lah! You press press a bit la, ripe one lah!

Itu lah kisah nya orang yang membeli pisang buat pertama kali nye. Pisang yang dah masak = Cooked banana what!

Even pisang yang dengar cerita ni akan rasa suicidal.

Entah rumah sape la ni.


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