Senyum Sokmo! (Day 1)

So! Finally I’m here to share with you my Terengganu trip! So how did this trip come about? Actually, it was to celebrate my parents punya anniversary… Patutnya dorang saje lah yang pergi kan? Tetapi no! I cannot allow syaitan to be the third person, so I followed!

Ape aku merepek. I was actually coaxed into going and be the one taking their photos (aka lamp-post). But being a positive-thinker (sometimes aje), I decided that I was there as a constant reminder that they have been married for 27 years!

I am twenty-six this year, go figure (if there is any).

After breakfast, our first stop was Air Terjun Sekayu! Air sedera-derasnya, udara sesegar-segarnya, Pasir Ris Park pun kalah agaknya!

While we walked to explore and climb up as high as we could (tak jauh pun jalan), I noticed many many signages reminding visitors about the laws, especially the no-maksiat signages. I felt that it was very thoughtful and responsible of the management, mana nak dapat signage macam gini kat Singapore? (Besok akanku pasang di seluruh Pasir Ris Park!)

Despite the signages, I did also notice that there were way too many benches belakang shady bushes, senang lah kalau budak-budak ni nak buat benda nonsense ni. Na’udzubillah!

Our next stop was Tasik Kenyir / Lake Kenyir. Get this, this lake is twice the size of Singapore!!!!! Kecik kepe Singapore ni. It also contains about 200 islands in that lake, which were originally hills and mountains but were submerged underwater. We had the chance to ride motorboat (part ni jakon giler ok) and off we went to visit Taman Herba on one of the islands and a Kelong nearby.

Taman Herba was all herbal plants (like d’uh), like Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Mata Ayam, Mas Cotek, Kepala Beruk, Misai Kucing, and banyak lagi lah!

The islander there invited us to feel free to pluck any herbs specimen we like to bring back, and the most makcik-thing happened.


In an instant, my mum had turned into plastic bag supplier. Aku jalan menonong je action ambik gambar.

Even the small girl in the photo participated. Makcik-in-the-making, this girl.

Thankfully soon after that, the boat-driver said we had to go to the next destination – the Kelong! Part ni makcik-makcik punya kaki menggigil nak jalan atas papan at the kelong. The boards seemed wobbly, but they were actually stable la, to a large extent. Yet I saw no reason why the ladies were still afraid, padahal sume pakai life jackets. -____-”

The kelong trip was nice, the fishes were medium-sized because the big ones dah kat pasar (kot), or possibly released in the lake. This part I tak pay attention sangat, sebab too engrossed looking at the fishes and being held tight by my mum on those wobbly papans. Tsk.

Much to the makciks’ relief, it was time to head back to the main terminal and into our bus. Went for lunch and checked-into our hotel!

We stayed at the Grand Continental Hotel, Kuala Terengganu situated very near Pantai Batu Buruk which overlooked the South China Sea. Oh yes, the sea was super calm and peaceful. But the best part was, ade FREE WI-FI! Ape lagi, start lah Whatsapp orang-orang yang ‘tersayang’. You know I know lah. LOL.

That was it for Day One. Day Two to be continued!


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