[Belated Post] Siti’s 26th Birthday Celebration

Before I share the Desaru Trip, I would first like to share our dear Siti’s Birthday who turned TWENTY SIX last month. Memang post ni tersangatlah belated, tetapi oleh kerana I have photos to share, korang tak leh cakap apape!

Siti, aka Joyah, wasn’t the first to turn oooooold, but since we have been wanting to gather, and kebetulan most of us could make it, we decided to celebrate sekali lah! It was a surprise which I hoped was a successful one (sebab ramai dah pikir she suspected, haha), and so we did it at Cash Studio. And because dah lama tak celebrate, we went all out to celebrate, sampai beli decorations kau. Hah kau.

Decorations courtesy of Mira

Se-peeking of birthday celebrations, it feels so different for the past few months sebab sekarang kebanyakan dah ada tugas tambahan masing-masing, more important priorities, work priorities, lack of energy to go out (lepas kerja je pikir nak balik)… so dah tak banyak birthday celebrations.

Sampai kena resort to multi-tasking – Amik gmbr + Posing + Answer Call. Very BZ woman.

Personally, I feel that birthday celebrations are really nice to have, cuma macam dah tak sepenting macam dulu. Or perhaps… only aging people feel that way. LOL. AKU DAH TUAAAAA!

Whatever it is, if your birthday is coming, or dah lepas…. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. Dah jangan complain-complain lagi eh.

Anyway, more photos of the celebration, here.


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