My friend is Semi-Hitched!

Two weeks ago, our Joyah got engaged.

Lawa kannnnn???? Macam Arab, NOT! Gurau je! I lovvvve the colour on her, she was glowing like nobody’s business.

Sadly, my digicam’s battery died before Pak Mid’s (her fiance) side came, so these was all I could capture. (Dah tahu nak amik gambar, tak check battery level dulu, selengeh bacin!)

I decided to include this GIF image here, it was funny that Mira requested for two shots – with teeth, and without teeth. Aku layankan je, sebab kita sume suka bergambar. 😀 You know I know lah!

Looking at these shots, I MISS MY GIRLS! Finally we are meeting up next week for dinner, and I can’t wait! Work has been draining me out for the past few weeks, it’s time to laugh till we drop now!

image from siti’s cousin’s fb

Something about her ring cracked me up. LOL, actually tak tahu pun kenapa gambar ni nampakkan I mcm ketawa sakan. Did something funny happen?


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