Kursus “AKU NAK KAWEN!!!”

Two weekends ago, Tok and I attended the Marriage Preparation Course.

When we first registered for this a few month ago, rasa-rasanya macam “EH! KITA DAH NAK KAWEN!!!” I was feeling excited, liddat.

April passed.

May passed.

Then June came – and I almost forgot all about it. I suddenly remembered about it when boss asked me to be in-charge for catering for a small company event on 16 June. You know that “Ade benda lah on that date…. tapi APEEE?!!!”?

Oh aah laaaa. Kursus Rumahtangga.

I decided to check on the duration. zzzzzzzz. Lebih baik aku kerja during the weekends kan! 9am to 6pm la ok!

OK OK. I told myself “DEMI CERT, I WILL GO!!!”

For the sake of my other friends/readers yang bakal pergi ke kursus ni, of course I won’t share the contents. Kalau dah tahu, tahu je lah!

BUT, I will say this: At the end of the course, it wasn’t about the certificate anymore. After the course, it made me realize that a marriage is like a project – consisting of two members (AND TWO MEMBERS ONLY AH!). It requires lots of discussion, planning, team work, communication, problem-solving, etc. And this, is a very long-term project (long-term sampai mati punya).

One thing that I can share with you, which was what the trainer kept repeating:


Which did seem super irritating to me (because he repeated it soooo many times), but so true! Nobody can tell you how your marriage should be like. There is no standard for a perfect marriage, because every individual is different.

To those getting married soon, here’s to us designing our own marriage! (I still think Tok should wash his own bike – and not involve me in it.)


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