High Heels – Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em

I have a love-hate relationship with high heels. I LOVE to look at and adore them, but I absolutely HATE to wear them. I would stand/sit pretty wearing them, but don’t ask me to walk in them.

After all these years, it was some time last year that I decided to just STOP buying anymore high heels, or my feet would just mintak ampun and rather be amputated. Very tragic, but I have accepted the fact that I am born to wear flats, or wedges that are not too steep – Ironic, because I own a pair of nicely medium-high arched feet. Hurhur.

So if you ask me “What do you look at first when you see a person?”, don’t look at me weird when I answer “The shoes they wear.”

In the meantime, *imaginary drools*

Photos are from IG – @iloveshoesss (Love all those photos of them shoes!)


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