Out of Range

My colleague, who is currently doing her part-time studies in Temasek Polytechnic, looooooooves to boast about the school.

(I know, I know my school is great.)

Yesterday she whatsapp-ed me in the middle of her revision in school, distressed.

Her: A young chap approached me to help him do a survey.
Me: Okay. Must be for his project.
Her: I don’t mind doing it for him. Really. But there was this part where I had to tick my age, and the last box there was stated “21 to 25” (She’s 30 by the way.) I don’t know what to tick…
Her: You don’t laugh lor, you are above 25 also lor! But it was so tempting to draw one more box below it, so that I can tick on it.
Me: Yah, do that and beside the box, write “Out of Range”

We are old.


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