For the love of baking!

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Hello to everyone and all!

How has Ramadhan treated you? Well? (Actually, it should be how you’ve treated Ramadhan. Hehe.) Pejam celik pejam celik, hey! We’re at the last week, ALREADY???

Cepat giler kan… Rasanya macam baru je start puasa semalam.

So I’ve heard and seen many of my friends out there were utilising the National Day holiday and the weekends to bake. Alhamdulillah, God granted me strength to bake four types of kuih this year. Four may sound too few, but I baked them in bulk, so kalau tak suka, korang bawak kuih korang and contribute bila datang rumah la ye! Jangan malu-malu cat.

And this year, my mum decided not to help me. AT ALL. She just gave me the recipes to biskot suji and kuih tart, and she finally admitted this a few days ago:-

“This year, kalau orang comment kuih-kuih sedap, makna nya Yana dah pandai buat. Kalau orang comment tak sedap, I will say you yang buat.”

How nice.

Well, just wanted to share one of the awkward moments I faced during this baking period. Mum gave me this simple-looking hand-written (by her) recipe for biskot suji. It LOOKED simple, not a lot of ingredients and straight-forward methods involved….until I got to the last part.

“Bakar di api bawah atau api kecil (atas bawah) hingga kekuning-kuningan.” Which translates to – Bake via the heat of the bottom over, or overall small heat until it looks baked.

(Gosh, I can’t translate to save my life.)

HOW KECIK IS “API KECIK”??? At that point of time, the dough had been rolled into small cute round small doughs, ready to be baked in the oven, but I was left with a VERY IMPORTANT question…. and in a time like that, my mum just had to nap.

Zzzzz. But what to dooooo! Kalau memandai-mandai nanti takot kuih tak jadi, then kena marah, then Hari Raya it would be a “tiada maaf bagimu!” scenario with my mum.

So ya lor, terpaksa lah tunggu Mak Raja bangun…

Rupa-rupanya, api kecik tu 150 degree celcius. *pengsan* Just so you know, if you face a some what similar dilemma.

Any funny stories to share while you were baking?


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