Guys Who Cook

I’ve always have so much respect for guys/men who can whip up a good dish, or a full set course. I’m not talking about frying an egg, boil water, make Ribena drink, cook Maggi ok. I’m talking REAL dishes, Rendang Ayam, Chicken Steak, Fish and Chip, ok I should end the list here before I make myself Fish and Chip at this hour.

Has anyone watched “Hot Guys Who Cook?” If not, enjoy the trailer here (control air liur tu eh!).

I am NOT talking about those guys either. To me, these guys are known for their looks FIRST, then someone decided to bring them in for such a show. I’m not criticizing, that show IS entertaining – considering that I only watched one episode, with Keagan Kang in it (kenapa lah kau pergi Pasar Geylang bila aku takde?), but I’m sure these eye candies didn’t disappoint their respective fans, whether or not they could really cook.

So, guys/men that I REALLY respect – Jamie Oliver, Chef Wan (he’s like my auntie, male version), Chuck Hughes, Sherson Lian, etc. Watching them cook on TV already excites me enough. (As if lepas dorang masak aku terus boleh makan gitu.) Ask anyone at home, I can stop whatever I was doing, just to watch them cook. They are too engrossing! Ergh!

image from

Now, if you are like me and have an interest to cook (or at least love to try), I would like to share with you Jamie Oliver’s official website. In it, you can find sooooooooooooooo many recipes, they have tutorial videos, Jamie has an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts too! Follow/Subscribe whichever you wish, and you can become your own household’s chef (I hope!).

I joined as a member (for FREE!) in his website – imagine my excitement when I received an email “signed off” by Jamie. Aku tahu aku over, macam dia yang personally sign off gitu kan. Layankan je lah. AND and! As a member, you can share YOUR OWN recipes with the other members and you can try their recipes too!

(I am NOT promoting Jamie Oliver. This is purely sharing.)

Before I end this post, let me leave you with an education short video on Knife Skills by Jamie Oliver. *grin*

Ok Tok, if you want me to respect you, COOK.


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