12 Days Later…

Work has been a major pain, hence the lack of entries the past few weeks.

Today it seems like a public holiday, with only 5 people (out of 13) working in the office. The best part is, the phone hasn’t been ringing a lot!

Anyway, much has been happening since I last entered WordPress to rant.

Firstly, us poly(pocket)mates had our yearly Raya Outing. When last year we dressed up as Smurfs (ALL BLUE), this year we were in Royal Gold/Cream/White!

photo from Siti or Fiza (tak ingat, oops!)

Next year we are going for darker colours; learned the hard way as we struggled to find ways not to accidentally spill gravies onto our clothes. Yes, we eat like babies. Our poly should have given us BIBS as a graduation gift.


Secondly, we held a surprise Bacholerette Party for our Kak Pah at Fika, who is getting married in about two weeks time! I don’t know what’s with us and dress codes (this year especially), but looks like we enjoy playing along. And for this party, the dress code was LEOPARD PREENZ.

photo from Joyah

The idea came about after we bought a gift for Kak Pah, which donned leopard preenz. Shoot me, I prefer using “preenz” than “prints” – who started this nonsense! Tsk.

Apparently, all my mak-chicks OWN something wearable with leopard preenz on it…. except me. Okok, I have a couple of shawls with leopard preenz, but I hate wrapping that around my head, because of its stiff material (Oh, first world pains!). But thankfully, I have Petom here who tells me “You very creative, you can think of something!”

And I turned it into a cardigan. Which made my mum so proud of me, like I inherited all the creative juices from her. (Maybe I did.) You very good ah, Petom. You can become motivator.

photo from Joyah

The surprise was a success (despite a latecomer -> ME!), and I MUST tell you that Fika’s steak is the best I’ve ever tasted!!! Make sure you order “medium-well” in terms of its done-ness. Unless you have teeth made of steel.

And if you have a sweet tooth and LOOOOVES chocolate, their brownie is also very sinfully nice! I makes you go melt inside your chair with every bite. (Aku ni bebual macam paham, padahal makan satu suap je.)

Finally, there’s been this ongoing thing about how Tok has been losing weight. Being the BEST Fiancee in the whole wide world, I made a collage to see the comparison…

Two years ago -> Last year -> Early Sep 2012

and this has sparked some motivation in some of my friends (one is asking me on tips, I don’t mind it though) and this has also resulted in my mum teasing me whenever I want to eat at odd hours.

Whatever, mum. I HAVE lost some weight, it’s just not very noticeable because my clothes are all baggy. And I prefer it that way, thank you very much.

In the spirit of our (Tok and I) achievement, I will be sharing our experiences through the next upcoming posts. Sape nak kuruskan badan dengan cara sihat, angkat bulu ketiak!!!

image from deviantart.com


(All photos here are either from Joyah, Fiza, my iPhone cam, or my Instagram. Hehe.)


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