The Malaysian Wedding

Before I kick-start a series of entries to share on weight-loss, I have been DYING to share with you THE Malaysian Wedding I was a part of.

I became… the Kuih Lapis dulang carrier. That kuih lapis’ safety was up to me. Whether I let my temptation take over (eat it all up while in the car), or let it reach safely to the girl’s side. Yehaw!

Ok anyway, if you were wondering, ‘Who in the world got married siaaaa???’ It was my cousin, that’s who!

It was my male cousin who shared the same age as me. It was him who allowed our bicycle to get stolen. It was him who threatened to burn my hair because I refused to share my ice cream with him. It was him who, when was a toddler, had a fettish over people’s ear lobes. It my dear cousin with whom, when we were both babies, I shared my auntie’s (his mum) breastfeeding session at one time. He was on the left side, I was on the right. (Or the other way.)

Visualize it yourself.

Before the wedding, my grandma had strictly emphasized the importance of my attendance – because I failed to turn up for his other siblings’ weddings over the past few years due to lousy work commitments. Padahal, bukannya aku tak tahu, she wanted me to be there to observe the ‘rites’ simply because I’m the next one to be wedded! Cheeeet.

But that aside, I was HAPPY to be there, because I don’t have any lousy work commitments this time round, and this is the second last Malaysian wedding that will happen in MY line of generation! (The last one will probably be in 10 years time? He’s 17 at the moment.)

So, my cousin very clever, I tell you. He chose a very strategic date for his nikah – Malaysia’s Independence Day.

Salam Satu Malaysia!

So in future he forgets his wedding anniversary, he deserves to be slapped. It was held at night after Isyak, and thankfully, the distance between my nenek’s house and the bride’s house was within Johor Bahru. Phew.


The nikah was beautiful, although I did not tear up (like I usually do when watching nikah videos), I adore the decorations. The pelamin was in the living room, and it was not big… yet simple. After the solemnization, we were ushered to the reception area just outside the house. I didn’t eat much, so I just attended to my nenek who apparently had a big appetite that night… but I was more focused on wanting to take a photo with the bride and groom.

photo ‘kapok’ from my cousin


We spent about an hour or two there before we headed back to get some rest.


It was rest day for our family, yehaww! Because the groom’s reception was to be held on Sunday, whilst the bride was Saturday. So between after breakfast till Zohor, we managed to tie up some loose ends and pack the remaining wedding favors…

After Zohor, we sent my cousin to the bride’s house. Colour code for bride and groom: Pur-pur… (purple lah!) Basically similar like Friday’s, except for the kompang guys and the food. There were even traffic police people to guide the traffic yo!

We didn’t spend a long time there, but long enough to enjoy the food cam-whore. LOL. Then we headed back home to chillaxxx.

Weird, or Creative? What say you? LOL.


…finally! The tentages outside my nenek’s house were all ready in pretty blue and pink, with the white pelamin. Someone has to do a test to ensure the durability of the pelamin right?

Guests finally started to arrive, my cousins, brother and I took turns to assist my auntie & uncle with the door gifts and candies and kids. My parents, aunties and uncles also helped tended to the guests and our other relatives… and made sure no one took second helpings of the food.

Just kidding.

It was not until 4 plus that I finally managed to get a breather. It was the same time when Tok’s family came. My FMIL was so excited memandangkan this is her FIRST time to a Malaysian wedding ina kampung setting. Jakon jugak bakal mak mertua aku, hehehehe.

It was an enjoyable family affair, I would say. Gone were the times when all of us were “activated” to hidangkan makanan for the guests, take away dirty plates/utensils, help wash the dirty utensils and clear up the mess at the end of the day.

Now we have service providers. In a good way, we won’t have to trouble our relatives with such chores so that they too can enjoy the wedding reception. But on a slight negative note, if we don’t make an effort, our future generation won’t know the meaning of “bergotong-royong”.

Let me end this entry by wishing my cousin SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU! (Kindly add on to the number of kids we already have to deal with. We want more! We want more!) Semoga rumah tangga kalian akan selalu bahagia hingga ke anak cucu and hingga ke syurga.



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