INTRODUCTION : Sharing tips on Healthy Living and Weight Loss

As mentioned in one of my recent entries, I plan to share with you on how to lose weight AND live healthy. The reason why I choose to put these two together is because I feel that it is very important to be healthy (FIRST) while losing weight.

I have been struggling with weight for as long as I can remember. My TAF club days began since Pri 3 and ended when I was in Sec 3 (because suddenly I became so enthusiastic during NPCC morning exercises). Even so, I constantly ‘lived’ in fear, I was afraid my TAF club teacher (this intelligent auntie with a very loud naggy voice) would announce my name again. (Thankfully, no.)

So, what made me want to start losing weight healthily? It started in early 2011 when my friend, Farha, was running everyday during her lunch times. I was motivated, but running during my lunch hours was very inconvenient. Her office building has shower facilities, my office building? Look up “Manhattan House at Chin Swee Road” in your search engine and you tell me.

Slimming teas and slimming pills (most of which were left unfinished until after their expiry dates) #USELESS
Joined a gym membership and realized that I eventually really did not have time. #FAIL
Attended aerobics classes then also realized that I did not have time (also). #FAIL
Then my girlfriends and I decided to jog around Bedok Reservoir every Saturday… well, we DID go, but a few times after that, we didn’t know what happened. #FAIL
I did some exercises every now and then, but it was not on a regular basis. #FAIL
Went for weekly cycling….until my bicycle went kapoot with its tyres. #SAD

As for Tok, I doubt he cared very much about his weight. He wasn’t struggling with his weight at all, he simply went up and up (and away!). Until it came to a point when he noticed two layers of fat under his face. ALSO KNOWN AS DOUBLE CHIN. As much as he tried to TUCK it under his chin, of course it never went away.

We went jogging….ONCE. After the traumizing jogging session (for me, because I wanted to black out), we stuck to a few badminton sessions……until his shift work started. #FAIL

One fine day, opportunity presented itself to us, when Tok’s cousin offered to help us, in a form of consultancy. He works part-time in Herbalife (I’m sure many have heard of Herbalife), and has lost an impressive amount of weight. After listening to him, Tok and I decided to give it a try. Within one month, I was from 67 to 65kg. As for Tok, well as you can see from my previous entry, he HAS lost weight.

Herbalife isn’t like those slimming pills. It doesn’t say “Eat Herbalife and you can still eat whatever foods you want!” Herbalife helps you kick-start a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife helps you realize that you CAN live without unhealthy foods. But I am not asking you to buy Herbalife products.

I’ve been off Herbalife for about a month, and last night I weighed myself : 63kg. It tells me that I CAN lose weight without Herbalife. Its whether I choose to go back to my old habits, or stick to my new ones and keep improving. If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

I aim to reach 60kg (and below) one day, and I hope through these upcoming entries, we can help each other out through motivation and encouragement. If you DON’T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, maybe we can remind each other and/or share with each other on healthy tips!

I have no time frame towards this 60kg, because I am not rushing towards anything. I just want to live healthily, and in process, lose weight.

I know this is the umpteenth time I’m saying “I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to live healthy.” I’m serious this time. Let’s do this! Look out for the first sharing tip tomorrow!


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