[Live Healthy! Lose Weight!] Portion Control

Have you all turned into camels or Thirsty Hippos since the last entry? Do you realize that when you drink water while you feel hungry, you don’t actually feel hungry anymore?

Did you also realize that all along it was your evil mind playing tricks on you telling you that you are hungry. Feels like you’ve been cheated… by yourself right?


Haha! Ok now, so, this entry is to share with you the secret behind Tok’s weight loss achievement. Though I can’t recall the numbers, but I guess this photo proves it, no?

Besides increasing his intake of plain water (he used to treat water as poison, mati-mati tak nak minum), stopped smoking, he also controlled his food portion. He became more aware of what carbohydrates, too much of sweet drinks, etc, can do to your body if not careful.

When my future Mum-in-law showed/’demo-ed’ to me how much rice he eats, I was horrified. It was the half the size of his fist. HALF THE SIZE OF HIS FIST OK! The other dishes were of normal portions, except for rice. He looked at me with a smirk, and asked “How? You can or not?” Challenge nampak, challenge nampak.

Hatiku berbisik, “Aku lebih rela mati daripada makan nasi sikit begini.”

Chedebah! OKAY! Challenge accepted! HALF the size of MY fist!

The first idea that came to my mind was: Sushi. So I bought seaweed. Then I bought a sushi mould from Daiso. So from my first sushi dish, I began to think of ways to make it more creative and not just rice and seaweed. Some days I’d stuff it with tuna (+ olive oil + lemon juice + chopped onions), or cucumber, or tiny omelete, or lettuce, or tomato, or carrot.

And recently, I begin to feel that the size of my stomach organ has grown smaller (?), because last week I had a gathering with my ex-colleagues, and I ate a good amount of food, and towards the end, I felt that my stomach could burst any moment! I ended up spending an ‘awesome’ time in the toilet afterwards.

Y u no friendly to my tummy one?

A few days later, I had another gathering, and the same thing happened. I guess it was probably a good thing, because I don’t have to eat a lot when I’m hungry now (because my stomach will be screaming out in vomits) and when I am a little hungry, I turn to WATER and turn into Thirsty Hippo!

So, how about you? I challenge you to decrease your portion size of rice/noodles/anything with carbo, increase your fruits/veggies intake, remain your meat intake as per normal. It would be better if you can you think of any interesting foods/meals with those combined!


With that said, remember, you don’t need to starve to lose weight by skipping meals. You just need to watch what you eat and HOW MUCH you eat. TAKE CONTROL! YOU CAN DO IT!

BTW, cheat days are always okay (as long as it’s not every day!).


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