taken from photobucket
It’s finally Friday.

I don’t know about you, but my previous entry sounded pretty rushed. Could you tell? I was feeling so tired of work so I forced myself to do something else. I forced myself to update my blog. Even when I didn’t feel like blogging at the time.

Lucky thing there are no marks awarded for updating blogs, otherwise I would have gotten naggings and warnings from teachers for giving a somewhat slipshod work based on moods. (I was notorious for that during primary school days, by the way. My form teachers always commented to my mum that “Juliana’s handwriting becomes ugly when she feels lazy.” Heh.)

Nevertheless, looking back (or rather below) at Kak Pah’s wedding, it WAS a beautiful affair and I loved everything about it. From the minor to the bigger details.

So, it’s FINALLY Friday. For some strange reason, I’m feeling so relaxed, yet only 1% of me is worried about it. Well people, enjoy the rest of the weekday that’s left… and have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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