[Live Healthy! Lose Weight!] Vitamins & Minerals

taken from shape.com (click on the image for the article)

Today, I would like to touch on the power of vitamins and minerals. Here’s what I can still remember from my mum’s one of her sharing talks after watching her recorded Dr. Oz’s shows.

(I hope I can recall correctly because it was a nong nong time ago.)

Our body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly. They exist in variety of food products – meat, veggies, fruits, etc. However, not everyone of us are very privileged to get ourselves vitamin-ized with all these goodies.

As a Singaporean living in erm… Singapore, I have to agree that our standard of (stressful) living requires us to “work/multi-task until we die” because of the increasing costs of living (my brother said he won’t be surprised if one day a pack of nasi lemak costs $35), hence the need to constantly work and/or study so hard to upgrade ourselves to deserve a higher salary, to meet the rising costs.

(Just imagine, my parents bought our current 5-room flat at a price of $180,000++ in 1995, while Tok and I just purchased a 3-room flat at a price of $220,000++. WTH right????!!!!)

On the other hand, some of us love eating healthily – we exercise, avoid oily & fast foods… But we hate certain ingredients, like certain fruits or veggies. We may think we are eating healthily by avoiding the junks, but we forget that our bodies aren’t getting enough.

The solution? Vitamin/Mineral Supplements which are usually in forms of pills. How well do they work? Well enough for my family to always keep a basketful stock of various supplements. BASKETFUL OK! Kelp la, CLA la, Celery Plus la, Vitamin B Complex la, Flax seed Oil la, Omega-3 la, Magnesium la, Spirulina la, there are too many to name! Sometimes I think my family can open up a shop selling these.

I ain’t gonna trouble myself and explain the benefits each supplement I have at home. Go read yourself la! http://www.healthvitaminsguide.com/

But I shall share with you on my daily dose of supplements:-

1. Multi-Vitamin – as the name suggests, it contains more than one vitamins (3 times a day)
2. Flax seed Oil – it cares of your skin, nails and hair (2 times a day)
3. Vitamin B Complex – it gives you that extra push every time you need energy, especially at the start of the working day – let’s just say it keeps me AWAKE and energized to start my work-day (every morning during breakfast)
4. Vitamin C – to protect your immune system, so you won’t get sick easily and contract from the sickly germs around you. It also protects your skin (every morning)

If I were to compare myself last year with now, I am so much better now that I am rarely on medical leaves like I used to. Even my bosses noticed the difference, that they’ve convinced themselves to pop in two pills of Acai Berry every day to prevent them from getting sick. Sure, I still have sinus attacking me every morning, but it’s reduced and doesn’t prolong till late morning.

And if you ask me if there is any preferred brand of where these supplements come from, my answer is VitaHealth. (Note: I’m not paid to share with you on VitaHealth ah…) VitaHealth sells soooo many supplements I tell you, but I usually leave the job of choosing the right ones for my mum. Heh.

But what made me stick to VitaHealth for most of my current supplements is that they are Halal-Certified. So no need for any doubtful suspicions there! I don’t have to find myself squinting at the finely printed ingredients of every bottle trying to see if they used any non-Halal ingredients. I just go straight to find VitaHealth. So chicken feet.

You can find VitaHealth in basically anywhere that sells supplements, Watsons la, Guardian la, Unity la, Nature’s Farm la, etc. However, if you are on a saving mission, may I suggest Mustapha Centre.

Please don’t think I am trying to ‘steal away’ customers from the former mentioned outlets (which are no doubt very convenient since they are located every where!), but it’s just a sharing tip if you are saving money and don’t mind a bit of travelling time (because there is only one Mustapha Centre in Singapore la dey!).

And with that, before you decide to buy supplements for yourself, please think which are the ones that you need. Don’t be crazy and buy all available supplements on the shelves.


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