Say No!

No to Fast Food!

Ever since I began to be more watchful over what I eat, I told myself to avoid fast food, except in these situations:-

1. When I’m out with my mum and she says she’s hungry. Because my mum has gastric problem you see, so we just eat anything (halal) that first catches our eyes. And you know how very well these fast food outlets are distributed all around Singapore. Haha.

2. When there is something very new or seasonal on the menu… like THE SAMURAI BURGER!!! Oh yea bebeh! Ok, I ate that twice after that I told myself no more.

3. When majority wins. When you’re in a group and majority wants fast food. Unless you are good at psycho-ing people. Otherwise just get a the Grilled Chicken Salad / Coleslaw / just a drink. (Tak sanggup aku.)

Actually, I know all the reasons above sound more like excuses. Muahahahhaha!

If you haven’t tried avoiding fast food, you should, and you’ll be surprised how different you’ll feel….and how much you save! It’s probably a good thing that boss decided to relocate to Ubi, because we can’t find any fast food around here!

Shall end this entry with a conversation I recently had with a colleague, who insisted that he treat me lunch (because God knows how much paper work I had to go through because of him).

Colleague: Eh, come I treat you to Mcdonald. What you want?
Me: Don’t want.
Colleague: KFC leh?
Me: I don’t want fast food.
Colleague: Huh? Haiya… I just buy for you Mcdonald you eat slowly lah… Then become slow food already what.


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