[Live Healthy! Lose Weight!] Fitness 9 to 5

I can’t remember when was the last time I visited the library (must have been donkey years ago), so when my mind was nagging at me to borrow a fiction book (plus I realized that my vocab bank was beginning to deplete itself these days, that I had to think for a minute for a simple word, pffft), I dropped by the Health and Fitness section before checking out.

And God must have wanted me to stumble upon this book “Fitness 9 to 5”. Because lemme tell ya, it’s super practical! For starters, I couldn’t agree more when I read the book’s introduction. (It’s worth five pages, so I’m just gonna share with you extracts of it):-

Of course you don’t have time to go to the gym for an hour every day. Like most of us, you have to earn a living. Yet, as a you sit at your desk, you feel your tushie spreading, your neck and shoulders aching. You know that you need to do something. But what can you do?

You can work out at the office, that’s what you can do!

… If you’re thinking that this sort of exercise program sounds too good or too silly to be true, that it could never work, consider this: How many times have you paid for a gym membership only to discover that you’re never able to go? How many times have you set your alarm for an early work out, only to fall asleep in the middle of the morning at your desk? How many times have you tried to work out at the end of the day, only to find yourself too tireed and too hungry to do anything other than shuffle home, eat and sit on the couch?

… This exercise guide provides a unique and innovative way to get in shape, stay healthy and keep your job, Who says you can’t have it all? You can. Don’t wait. Start today.

The exercises cover right from the moment you wake up…….until you end your work. And I think it’s very thoughtful that the writer had also included how much calories you’d burn if you do each exercise for one minute, and even a year!

There are 69 exercises in total (of course don’t feel pressured or obliged to do ALL SIXTY-NINE if you can’t), I have bookmarked some of my favourite ones and I also found plenty that I’ve already been doing! The best part is, this book is the size of two palms together side-by-side, I’d bring it everytime I want to read it while travelling!

So if you’re keen, go look it up at the nearest library or book store and look for “Fitness 9 to 5” by Shirley Archer. You’ll find it an amusing read. As amused as me when I read it (I hope, haha).


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