Australis Make Up Remover

As a Muslimah, I always ensure that that I carry around make up remover with me to remove my make up before taking my ablutions.

My preferred make-up remover has always been Biore’s Make Up Tissue Remover, because it does not leave any trace of make up (even waterproof ones) on your face. The problem I face is that it’s a bit too pricey for me. My stock always run out whenever I’m on a budget. Pfffft.

Then sometimes I switch to the liquid ones, which I find it such a hassle because I can’t be bringing around that big bottle with me! So I have to buy a small empty bottle to pour in the product, AND I have to remember to stock up on cotton wool.

Until yesterday, when I went to Watson’s to buy I some toiletries and I saw Australis (Austalian-based) Make Up Tissue Remover. I saw the price, it’s very affordable, but I remained skeptical. I picked it up and read the description, part of it which says “…Removes Waterproof Make Up…”

Hmm. You know how so many products claim to do this and do that, but end up that they don’t?

At the point, I NEEDED make up remover, was quite done with my liquid one… If I didn’t want to take the risk, I might as well buy the Biore one, but the travel pack will only last for ten uses. The refill pack is quite expensive for me, because I can the same refill for less than $8 but that requires some travelling (not in the mood then), AND it’s a little too bulky to stash it into my bag. This Australis on the other hand, is on offer, claims to “Remove Waterproof Make Up”, and its size is reasonable enough that my bag won’t complain if it has a mouth and its own mind to speak.

Now, let me share with you what I’ll do when such dilemma arise (in the case), takes out handphone, tap on the Calculator application:
1. Biore Travel Pack – $2.55 (on offer) per pack containing 10 wipes = $0.26 per wipe
2. Biore Refill Pack – $11.75 (on offer) per pack containing 48 wipes = $0.25 per wipe
3. Australis Make Up Tissue Remover – $9.90 for two packs containing 25 wipes per pack = $0.20 per wipe
(Don’t get me started on other brands, they are either unreliable, or more expensive.)

Now, this method involves loitering in Watson’s for a long time, I think that day the sales-aunty was becoming suspcious of me. Must be thinking, ‘Whaaaaat is this girl doing with her handphone keying in stuffs, walking from one aisle, to another for the past half an hour???’ Well auntie, I’m not doing anything illegal, and I’m not disrupting your work so, shooo.

After that *ehem* analysis, I decided to go with Australis. I knew I was taking a risk buying a product I’ve never used and haven’t heard of any reviews, but I’m on a budget here, and I NEED a make up remover!

Just now was my first use after returning from a wedding reception, and when I pulled out the first piece, firstly I was pleased that it’s size is bigger than my face (if you have the same face shape as me).

Secondly….it removed all my make up! Even the waterproof make up!

So for $0.20 per wipe, my additional 30 minutes loitering in Watsons was worthwhile. So WINNN!!!

This Australis make up remover is sold for $7.90 per pack at Watsons White Sands (don’t know about other places), but there is a current promotion where you buy two for $9.90. Not sure when this promotion ends though, but I bought it just yesterday, so I think it’s still on offer if you are buying it today!

I have to say though, I STILL prefer Biore. If I wasn’t on any tight budget, I’d have bought Biore.


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