[Live Healthy! Lose Weight!] We’ve all been there…

…when we feel lazy that one day, then we felt lazy the next day, then the next day we tell our selves “It’s been just three days, it’s okay. I’ll start tomorrow.” Then the next day… you know lah.

Before you know it, one day we thought the weighing scale was playing some kind of cruel prank on us. But deep inside we KNOW it’s our own doing that the damn needles on the scale has moved further to the right side (if you’re still using the non-digital scales). We KNOW. But our strong sense of denial made us blame the scales.

I’ve been there. MANY TIMES!

But this time, I told myself that I should stop blaming the scales for being faulty (although the one at home is REALLY faulty, and yet…), and bounce back on track. And whenever I find myself in that situation, I start digging up some motivation. Youtube la, Shape.com la, Pinterest la…

And last night I found one which I wanted to share with you. So if you need some motivation to get on that healthy track….


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