Mira’s Wedding [24 & 25 Nov 2012]

BELATED ENTRYYYYY! (Considering that the wedding took place on 24 & 25 NOVEMBER….. yes, I know.)

So, another one of us mak-chicks got married, and the lucky gal is Mira!

This girl and I…. we became friends first before we discovered that we are related. I won’t even begin to share HOW, unless I love confusing myself all the time, I shall spare you from that ordeal. Hah.

Like I’ve said before in an earlier entry, there is something about us and dress codes/themes this year (ESPECIALLY this year, we seem to be more…. enthusiastic about it!) If during Kak Pah’s wedding we went all Blue-Da-Ba-Dee and Black Beauties, this wedding wasn’t any exception.

On the solemnization day…

We wore kaftans! Weather was pretty good, not too windy, otherwise the outfits would have helped us to fly (….and saved on transport. LOL.).

Then the next day, for the wedding reception…

Amboi amboi! Merah menyala kauuu! Chilli Red, Red Carpet, Red Light, you name it, we rocked it bebeh.

Now to the wedding itself. The void deck was decorated with soft pink and cream items, it was pleasant to thy eyes. Needless to say, the bride on that day was exceptionally beautiful in her bridal outfits. My favourite was the last outfit – Bollywood style. Made me feel like I was watching a Bollywood wedding scene, except that there was no lengthy sing-song and dance item (thank goodness).

To Mira and Ekhsan, Congratulations to the both of you! May you be showered with lots of love and happiness together (and lots of kids too, hehe)! Have a blissful married life!

Next entry will be on a more recent one – one of our dudes got married!


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