TV oh TV

Recently, Tok and I bought a Smart TV for our room. It’s sooooo smart, that it can operate wirelessly with many devices which can be paired with, wirelessly. (Duh.)

It’s been sitting comfortably in my room for about two weeks now, and of course, I get to use it first *eheh eheh*, and perangai macam feeling2 rich girl’s room, where I play a kickboxing video and follow (I LOVE KICKBOXING!!!), also where I watch a nice movie via Youtube while covered in my blanket and then falling asleep – more like perangai budak pemalas.

Anyway, a few nights ago, I chanced upon “The Vow” on Youtube and decided to watch it. I think my future sis-in-law ever recommended it to me and while I was watching it, I was scolding myself what took me so long to finally watch it. It’s like A Walk To Remember, but more mature and better!

The plot is similar to Aku Terima Nikahnya movie and Jujur Aku Dayus tele-movie, and I have to say, these plots always timbulkan rasa sakit hati you know. It’s like, HELLO! REGAIN YOUR MEMORY ALREADY!!!

I shed a few drops of tears during the movie, well because I was bloody frustrated! Poor Leo had to tahan YOU with your stupid ex-fiance Jeremy and YOUR step-high-class parents (ok fine, they are much better than Leo’s financial state)! I won’t even continue. Pffffft.

Last night, I watched “I Don’t Know How She Does It” starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Have heard some negative reviews, BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! So ok, it’s not like Sex & The City, but give the woman a break la… You can’t always expect Sarah Jessica Parker to be Carrie Bradshaw for the rest of her career life. So, the movie – I wish I can be like Kate Reyes after I have kids, slim figured, successful and all. Only maybe not super career-minded.

Eh macam ni, tiap-tiap malam asyik tengok movie, boleh buat movie review sak.

Next movie – DEAR JOHN! I don’t care if I’m outdated in the movie scene. I want to enjoy my TV alone time while I still can. And feeling2 anak kaya yang ada TV dalam bilik, and eat breakfast in bed until ants start crawling all over…… But I’ll be the rich girl who doesn’t have a walk-in wardrobe. Booooo.

Time for my lunch walk!!!!


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