In less than 24 hours….

In less than 24 hours, I will officially hold the title as “Wife”. I can’t explain how I’m feeling right now exactly, but I wish I had more time to clean my room. On a delightful note, I will get to enjoy a well-deserved holiday!

As I reminisced back the days when Tok and I just got to know each other, it’s been 5 years, and yet I get butterflies in my tummy whenever we arranged to meet up, and how much I still laugh (like budak selenge) as his same silly jokes.

When I first met Tok, I did not see any future with him. Firstly, I thought he’s Malaysian (even my mum agrees he has this ‘international look’). Secondly, he smokes. And thirdly, he’s younger than me.

Item number one – CLARIFIED AND VERIFIED. Chop, confirm & guarantee, 100% Singaporean. I even had to go “Are you serious you are not Malaysian?? Don’t bluff laaaa!” many times.

Item number two – Alhamdulillah, he’s reduced and progressing towards the healthier path. Part of the solution? Always stock up on the candies/minty sweets.

Item number three – Obviously we are past that and it never bothers us. Most of the times, I always think I’m younger, and ALL the times, people think he’s older. So I’m happy enough with that! LOL.

Five years, it’s sure something for us. We’ve conquered through so many challenges and barriers, shared so much laughter, giving in to each other’s stubborn-in-the-ass attitude, celebrated each other’s achievements/milestones… And with His grace and blessings, we have reached another milestone, and that milestone is MARRIAGE.

May Allah ease all our tasks for the next few days and enjoy this celebration with much gratitude. I don’t ask for our wedding to be perfectly according to plan, but only memorable for both of us and the people around.



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