Krabi!!! (Part 1 of 2)

SAWAADEEKAAAAP! And so… our honeymoon destination was Sunny Krabi for 4 days 3 nights! We decided on Krabi because none of us have been there and it doesn’t create a huge-ass hole in our wallets/pockets. Make sense? It probably does. Heh.

We departed the next day, Monday, because we were desperate for a getaway and a break from work – so cepat pegi, cepat balik lah! It was Tok’s the husband’s first flight in his life, so my mum was too happy to go and scare him about how it is not encouraged to use the toilet in the planes, how your urine/shit gets vaccuumed immediately through the toilet bowl the moment you release them, etc.

Yes everybody, let’s roll our eyes together. *rolls eyes* Although I can’t deny it was entertaining to watch his reactions. LOL.

The weather in Krabi was superb. In my own words, it was HOT AND CRISPY. I use that term when describing a lovely sunny weather, because kalau jemur baju, dalam setengah hari baju boleh kering, panas dan rangup, cuma tak boleh dimakan aje. ūüė¶

We stayed in Aonang Princeville Resort, where the Aonang Beach is located right outside, where its restaurant is Halal-certified, and where all their staff are very friendly and helpful (despite our struggle conversing in English with them). We were also located right smack in the middle of many good food stalls, night markets, Halal-Restaurants, souvenir shops and many more lah! We were not expecting much from the room because we booked a deluxe…. but my jaws dropped when we entered it… BESAR LAH OKAY! (Thank goodness for no scattered rose and whatever petals!)

Our toilet has a bath-tub which has a¬†window right next to it…. which you can see, it’s just beside the bed. How convenient right? Wake up¬†– jump into the tub – bath. OR…. Lying in bed with a tummy ache – jump over the window¬†into the¬†tub and over it¬†to the jamban. ¬†(Oh yeh, I’m so going to have that layout in my own house.)

Anyway, after we’ve jakon-ed enough¬†around the room, we then headed to the night market and our first mission was to find the pancakes that my cousins and my SIL have been raving about. Thanks to SIL’s photo of the stall, we headed to search for it. Like Amazing Race liddat.

It was so deliciously hot that you will be tempted to order one more WHILE eating the one you have now! But NO! We MUST NOT give in to temptation and so we went to look for proper dinner (a good diet consists of proper meals you know)….. and ended up here.

BEST TOMYAM WE’VE EVER TASTED. Followed by frequent toilet visits by Tok later that night… while I was 100% knocked-out by flu medicine. Poor Tok was yelling my name from the toilet and got no response from me. Hurhur.

Our island hopping started the next day! We went for this complimentary 4-Island Tour where we went snorkelling and frolicking by the beach. They even provided us lunch, and I guess I forgot to ask for the recipes. Sedap kau! The tour ended at about 3-ish in the afternoon and we made an appointment for…. MASSAGE! I LOVE Thai Massage ever since my Phuket trip and the masseuse ladies stretched us like they had all the energy in the world, while of course, I was just enjoying it, half in pain and the other half in complete syiok.

Followed by dinner at this Mediterranean place called Cleopatra. The place was so comfortable eat at, because it totally reminds me of Al-Majlis, Nabins, etc with their Sheesha things at their counters. Our food didn’t disappoint as well, although they forgot our appetizer but luckily they did. Our tummies would have mintak ampun if our appetizer came. And good news this time was – nobody had any tummy aches later.

It was such good news that we went to buy pancakes again. Hehehehe. TIGA SEKALI KAU! Diet? What diet??? Muahahaha.

That was it for our first two days…. Day 3 and 4 coming right up!!!


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