Krabi!!! (Part 2 of 2)


Third day in Krabi – ISLAND HOPPING to HONG ISLAND with our darker skin!!!

This time not only we went snorkelling, swimming, and golek2 at the beach… we also did kayaking! Sadly, my kayaking skills had drowned into Bedok Resorvoir (the last time I kayaked), so we were the last kayak to reach at most points. But then later we played cheat and wait for the group at the exit of the second last point so that when our guide was leaving we would be behind him and be SECOND! Pandai kan kan kannnnnn?

That day we ended the island tour slight later than the day before, but we slept a lot during the boat rides. The sun must have drained out most of our energy. Heh. Later that night we decided to order room service from the hotel’s Halal restaurant!

It was Tok’s first room service so one was behaving like a boss and the other like a tai-tai and when the food came, ape lagi, amik la gambar dulu! Hehehe. After dinner, we finished up our shopping and then… dream came true – because we went to watch a show by the Lady-Boys!!!!!


Lawa-lawa giler sume kauuuu, and their costumes were all so beautiful!!! I was in too much awe that I forgot to take any photos of them and the show. They too distracting lah! One question that played in my mind a lot was “How you do your make up siaaaaa?” The show did not disappoint because it was so entertaining that it felt like more than an hour!

Of course after that, we went back to the resort feeling happy and satisfied. Especially me la. Eheh eheh. Oh! Jangan lupa pancakes eh! We brought back some pancakes too. Totally done with dieting by now.

The next morning, we were like “WHAT! DAH NAK BALIK KE?!!!” Had breakfast and our tour guide fetched us at 9am for a half day city tour. First stop – FISH FARM! Giant-ass Grouper, good enough to eat and my tekak already rasa Ikan Kerapu Sweet and Sour. FUYOH! MESTI SEDAP! We also saw a super big stingray! Itu kalau bakar masak sambal…. SLURRRRP! (OK, I NEED TO GO ORGANIZE A SEAFOOD DINNER SOON!)

Next stop was a Souvenir Shop, where we jokingly asked the tour guide “Excuse me! There got Money Exchange or not?!” Obviously they wanted us to shop, but we didn’t buy much stuffs there (cos we already went almost crazy at Aonang, heh).

Next they dropped us at a city area where we walked around freely looking at shops and entered the only one department shop there. We would have tried KFC and Swensens, but we only had 40 minutes to spare. Boo. But we managed to try these!

The waffles looked too cute and tempting, and sushi…. like hello! Sushi! Satu-satunya dapat sushi kat Krabi, ape laaaagi… lantak lah!

Our final stop before heading to the airport was the Tiger Cave Temple. Nope, no tigers around, only images/statues of tigers. But MANY MANY MONKEYS! Aiyo.. terkinja-kinja sane sini, always kept me on my toes. But the angmohs visitors tak takot punya olang you know! Can even buy food and stay in their position when the monkeys ran to them (kalo aku dah lari lintang pukang terpekik-pekik).

As we walked we saw the stairs to the top mountain… 1,237 steps to the top, so we climbed la….

NOTTT!!!! Hahahhahahaha. 1,237 stairs??? No thanks. Kirim salam je lah. Camwhore banyak2 pun cantik.

Finally it was time to head to the airpooooooort. I was mostly heavy-hearted to return because we had a blast! But I can’t wait to be reunited with my babies which I accidentally left home – my make up. (I KNOW RIGHT!!! I ALMOST DIED WHEN I DISCOVERED I FORGOT TO BRING IT!)

Krabi, we’ll miss you. The food, the night markets, the sun (not so much), the beautiful beaches and friendly people. The next entry I’ll share with you on tips when you go Krabi (that was shared by our tour guide too)… mane tahu korang nak pegi jugak!

Click here for more photos, and I’ll end this entry with one of my favourite photos….

BOOOOLAT AND SELENGE ALERT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! See what too many pancakes can do to you.


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