Oh Krabi Memories…

Amaaaaayzing picture, isn’t it? That was taken along one of the beaches, and that was our boat, no Photoshop was done to it. We were waiting for our mat-Thai tour guide to yell “FALL IN! FALL IN!” at us.


If you’ve never been to Krabi and is considering to go, this entry’s for you! Am going to share some tips which may or may not be useful to you. However, I must put a disclaimer here, that whatever is written here was based on our experience, and what was shared with our land tour guide. AND also based on where were staying (near Aonang Beach).

1. Halal food, halal food, EVERYWHERE! Just to note that most of these Halal food places do serve Alcoholic beverages (because they need to make a living), but if you are not doubtful, the food are worth trying. Also, do still make a conscious effort to look through the menu… jusssst in case they serve pork/lard. So far so good for us while we were there.

2. KRABI PANCAKES. Just eat it.

3. Bargain like there is no tomorrow! Just kidding. All the things are bargainable, like souvenirs, island tours, etc (except for food, because when you’re hungry you don’t think about the price, right? LOL). But bargain considerately and respectfully, don’t bargain like you’re closing the whole business down.

3. Sunblock. If you are going during the ‘hot and crispy’ season, don’t forget your sunblock! Unless you enjoy skin-peeling, like I did.

4. Island hopping. One word – BEAUTIFUL. Ok, two words – BEAUTIFUL SCENERY.

5. Be an explorer! Rent a bike, or make use of your two legs to walk. Go where the roads lead you and where your legs bring you. There’s always something to see and buy. Like pancakes. Go snorkelling, and swim in the middle of the sea!

6. LADY BOYSSSSSSS. Heheheheheheheheehehe. No need to say more lah.

7. If you chance across people who carry cute nak mampos animals for photo-taking, I was later told by a friend that usually these animals are drugged beforehand so that they’ll be less wild and become all drowsy (while they look cute to us). We didn’t know, and hence – Mr. Ah Bao. (Patot lah muka dia mengantok semacam.)

But it’s up to you, really.

In fact, if you’ve been to Phuket, I dare say that Phuket and Krabi are similar. Same blue waters, same beautiful sceneries and islands, easy access to almost everywhere, similar lady-boys (ok I’ll stop la!)….. but in comparison, Phuket has more activities and the prices are overall cheaper.

Krabi is like heaven for islanders and those who enjoy island getaways. If you DO get there, I hope you enjoy as much as Tok and I did. Now he recently mentioned Phuket as our next island getaway – LADY-BOYS, YOU WAIT AH!!! (This time I will take photo with you!)


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