To those who told me before the wedding this: Lepas kawin confirm akan naik berat badan.


Now Tok and I are struggling with this weight issue. Yesterday, he asked me, “You tak rasa macam gemuk sikit ke sekarang?” Normal girls would probably find the question offensive and the poor guy might ended up kena kicap by the girl. But me, while gobbling down a piece of pizza replied happily, “NO. Because I’m already married.”

Now thinking about it, I slapped myself with this question, ‘WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING GIVING SUCH AN EXCUSE???’

Fine, excuuuuuse me while I search back for my “Live Healthy Lose Weight” posts and some other websites for motivation.

Tok has aimed to ‘train’ me to be fit enough to do pull-ups by myself in two weeks (he’s got to be kidding me). While I have aimed to make him trim and fit (with six packs all) by Raya. I think my goal is more realistic.


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