One Month On…

We’ve been married for a month! When my colleague first asked me “How is married life?” Me with mata terkebil-kebil and trying hard to open, replied, “Tiring ley…” That was the day when Tok had reservist and left the house at 6.15am in the morning. (Thank God reservist’s over now.)

Apparently… she agreed with me la okay! She continued by sharing with me how her husband will help with the household chores and how she will STILL do it if her husband refuses. LOL.

Ok ok, now I shall answer truthfully (while I’m still wide awake). Married life is an adjustment. An interesting adjustment because you are living with somebody you love and care for while adapting to each other’s habits.

The strange thing is, it’s been five years since we’ve known each other….so I thought I would have known his lifestyle and habits. *TEEEEEET!!!* Wrong assumption. My husband’s apparently a clean freak. I suppose it’s a good thing, because now I go home with a clean bed, no dirty laundry straying across the bed. But unfortunately my room’s is still a dust magnet so we’ll have to put in more effort into cleaning it.

So far it has been an enjoyable experience, always seeking for new stuffs and adventures to do…. my most favourite thing to do is to solat jemaah together gether because it’s just the two of us, and that peaceful feeling while hearing his recite Al-Fatihah and surahs, knowing he’s making dua for us and our families , and the feeling of God looking down upon us with love and His blessings.

Now subuh is no more a zombified affair for me. Dulu… boleh tekan ‘Snooze’ sepuluh kali bila alarm bunyi pagi-pagi! Guilty!

To my friends who are getting married soon, I can’t wait for you guys to hop onto this train and experience this wonderful ride with your husband/wife.

Whoever said life’s over after married and wasn’t joking about it – apeeeee jeeeek. To my husband, HAPPY ONE MONTH!!! I hope I’ve been an awesome wife (and going to be more awesome), and I promise to learn to cook more dishes for you. Haha. LOVE YOU LAH!


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