Consistency is Key


One fine night before heading home after our Mustapha Centre-shopping, we stopped by L.K Maju Coffeeshop to buy mango juice, which has been highly raved by Tok. We decided to drink it while on the ride home by bike, so I had to hold the cup of that tempting-to-finish mango juice.

Here’s the thing about me, hydration is VERY VERY important to me. Hence I drink like a thirsty hippo. When Tok and I decide to share a drink, we’ll buy the largest size on the menu, because I’ll consume 3/4 of it. There was an instance where Tok left the cinema thirsty (and pissed off) after the movie because I drank the whole thing macam air tu aku yang punya *evil hearty laugh*. Apparently the amount of ice in that cup tricked me into thinking there was still half of the drink in it. Hmph.

So back to the mango juice.

While I was holding it and staying away from the temptation to keep sipping it too frequently, Tok turned to me and we had this conversation…

Tok: I beli untuk kita share tau… Kenapa you tak minum?
Me: Sebab I takot I akan abiskan…
Tok: Minum je lah
Me: Kalau I terhabiskan camne?
Tok: Perangai ubah la siket! Dah kawin tau!
Me: Ade orang sebelum kawin ingatkan partner, lepas kawin lupa kan partner. Jadi perangai mesti consistent! Kalo dulu I selalu minum banyak and TERlupa pasal you, sekarang pun masih sama lah, I akan masih minum banyak… Lagipun I TERlupa, tak sengaje mah.
Tok: Nonsense ah you! (It was either he realized he was not going to win this one, or he couldn’t be bothered.)

It was a good thing that the mango juice was distracting enough (me and Mango Juice played the staring game during the whole ride back), otherwise I would have continued talking about the number of times he’s happily farted without pardoning himself.

Anyway does being married give one the permission to fart out loud WITHOUT WARNING in the other’s presence? I’m curious. Me think it’s courtesy to warn people about it first… at least we could have take a deep breath and hold it for a minute.

If it’s to take revenge, now that’s excusable. *grin*


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