My Dream Job

If you were to ask me now what my dream job is, my answer would be 1) Teacher (ever since primary sch days!) and 2) a Cook/Chef and have a cooking show. Clearly dream number 1) is never going to materialise no matter how much I dream and day-dream about it.

But as for number 2)….. I still have hopes for it. My favourite past time now is to watch the Asian Food Channel and the Food Network Channel if there aren’t anyinteresting shows on the Korean Channel, HBO, Star Movies, etc…

So recently I’ve reacquainted myself with the kitchen… more specifically the kuali-s, the knives/cooking cutleries, places where my mum store the ingredients, etc. You see, months ago I was an extremely busy bride-to-be that I forbade myself to be immersed with the kitchen works. Plus it will result in rough hands and ugly henna results because of it. (Riiiiiiight.)

What makes it more fun is that now I have the husband to join me! He makes the bestest mango juice ever, he’s very helpful, and he’s a quick learner! Just show him how to operate the blender once, and he doesn’t stop blending since! BLEND BLEND AND AWAY! And the other time we made our rendition of Krabi Pancakes, and he flipped them like pro okay! Jangan main-main dengan laki aku ah, boleh challenge dengan mamak roti prata tu!

Ok, enough with the praise, takot termuntah tak boleh angz. LOL.

Me thinks we make a good team when it comes to cooking together. We usually get ideas/inspiration when we eat outside and taste something so good, we think of ways to replicate it. Or when I chance upon a recipe and think it’ll turn out good….. we’ll start to search for the ingredients.

I guess it’s been a good way to kick-start my cooking-journey. So far I’ve learned some tasty dishes/desserts and Tok has been really supportive. And I’ve also learnt to be more open-minded to people’s comments. (So far no bad reviews alhamdulillah. Haha.) The trick is to ask “How is it?” Instead of assuming it’s the most delicious food I’ve cooked ever in this universe.

While I used to wish to be like Laura Calder, Anna Olsen and Giada combined into one, now I feel more like Home with the Neelys (I’m the wife, of course).

I soooo look forward to having my own kitchen… SOON!!!! (HDB, hurry up lah!) For now, I’ll just settle with having my own ‘cooking show’ at home, and hope to make Chef Wan proud of me one day. HAAAAAAAH! Like that will ever happen.


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