Wee hooo!!!


Due to my stupid courses and recent bloody exams, I decided to be on hiatus (must be discipline you know)…. alhamdulillah so far things have been smooth-sailing. Whether I’ll pass or fail, that will be another story. Heh. The most important thing is that, I did my best. *self comfort*

The husband had been asking me (during the hiatus period) “You dah update your blog?” repeatedly, well at least I’m happy to know someone reads my entries. I had to resist the temptation to update, but all that pops in my mind were Variances Analysis, Regression Analysis, Pricing Decision, Performance Measurement, etc. Being the kindest human on earth, I decided to spare everyone from the torture.

ANYWAY, it feels so nice to be back! And I have lots of things to post in here! So my husband can keep himself entertained reading my entries *snorts* while he’s bored working, I think it’s my existence that makes his life interesting.

Ok, I better stop. Till the next entry!!!



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