Like Father, Like Son (In-Law)

You know what some people say, “Girls, if you want to marry a good man, find someone like your father.”

And found him, I have. And married him too! Hah.

My dad and Tok share too uncanny similarities that sometimes I think Tok and I may have been switched at birth (somehow). Let’s have a list shall we?

  1. When something bad happens to them (e.g. misplaces something), marah diri sendiri and annoys the hell out of everybody around
  2. Chocolate monsters lovers
  3. Ice creams monsters lovers
  4. Loves snacking
  5. Sing out a song, out LOUD, at random times
  6. They can sleep anywhere
  7. They look like twins (from the back) when they wear jubah!
  8. Boncet

Before I got married, my mum asked me what qualities do Tok possess. After hearing my answer, she replied “Patot lah kau suka! Sebiji mcm baba kau!” So now I can probably picture a son-in-law who’ll be similar to Tok, character-wise. And I should prepare my daughter for that. Emotionally.



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