For the Life of CandyCrush

Once upon a time, CandyCrush used to be the talk of the town. I’ve heard crazy stories on how some have spent sleepless nights reaching high levels, or some have spent many $$$ to buy the lives, and others who have created multiple Facebook accounts to ‘give themselves lives’! My goodness.

But now that it has died down a little, one of my bosses just got himself acquainted with the game, and since, there was never a working day that we won’t hear that Candy Crush music coming from the bosses’ room.

Well, he’s close to sixty years old (I think), so when he first wanted to try playing that game, we thought it might be cool. But now…. the darndest conversations have emerged from him playing the game.

His main problem is that he always run out of lives! Being the stingy thrifty guy he is, of course he won’t spend on buying lives. LOL. So every day he whined about nobody wants to give him any lives…until my colleague suggested that me make new friends in Facebook.

So he started adding all his former staff and tricked us into adding him as his friends! Since most of us won’t admit to having a Facebook account, he only needed to ask one question “Do you play CandyCrush?” Scheming betol ni uncle.

When he realized that we were still quite reluctant to add him as his friend, he said this, “Aiyah, just add me then give me life only, after that you can block me lah!!” LOL. Kesian.

Just this morning, my other boss was complaining to us about my CandyCrush-addict boss, who was complaining on last late Friday night. In an attempt to shut him up, he told him, “Alamak! Today is Friday what… people is either dating, clubbing or making babies la!”

Toinks. And yet, he still whines about nobody wanting to give him lives.

Will you be the kind soul to save us and be his friend in Facebook?


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