Welcoming the Fasting Month

Every year, as the month of Ramadhan approaches, I have a colleague who will amuse me with her Islam-related questions.

Today she asked, “Juli-gal, when does puasa start?”
Me: 10 July. Why?
Her: No lah… I just asking. I want to fast with you can?
Me: Aiyah, no need la. You always break your fast early one. Every year like that.
Her: Then what to do!!! It makes me thirsty you know…
Me: Yes… I know.
Her: Can you ask your god to make me tolerant to thirst so that I can fast with you?

Well, while her enthusiasm does touch me in some ways, it seems to wear off. Very quickly.

Ok, let’s hope one day she CAN fast the way us Muslims do. Just one day. Haha.

Anyway, this year Ramadhan will be quite new for some of us, as it will be the first time spending Ramadhan as a husband, or a wife! I hope I will lose more weight than Tok when Raya comes. Hahaha.

To my Muslims friends, may this month brings you lots of blessings! In shaa Allah! Selamat Berpuasa! Now go study the highway code!


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