Ramadhan 1434H: Day 4

So my poor husband complained of serious abdominal pains as early as 6am yesterday morning, so he took medical leave and I decided to work from home (my workplace has that privilege,  woohoo!) so I can accompany him and keep an eye on him.

I kinda felt responsible for his pain because you see, I’ve been learning about Thai massage and the night before, he became my guinea pig so I can do some of the moves…. I thought I might have twisted something in him that resulted in the pain. huhu.

But ahamdulillah he still managed to fast the whole day, maybe because I massaged his tummy good enough and he won five rounds of Monopoly Deal game, guess that was enough distraction…

Because of the abdominal pains which both of us couldn’t figure out the cause, he decided not to take Herbalife for iftar. Instead, I prepared for him some salad, with the hope that it would help him flush out all that “clogging”. LOL.

So Iftar menu that night:
Homemade chicken puff
Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (I didn’t eat rice with it, it was still good!)
Sour Plum Drink

While mum was talking to us about Tok’s abdominal pains, being the (retired) nurse she was, she just had to keep asking until she figured out the cause.

So, the night before, we bought some packed jackfruits and Tok happily ate them right after opening the pack. The cause for the abdominal pains? Apparently he didn’t wash them prior to stuffing them in his mouth!


After Maghrib we decided to take a walk, we felt that our bodies needed it since we were at home throughout the day. Ran some errands and walked back home. Decided to re-organize my dressing table, it seemed that no amount of drawers can save me. And Tok has only his perfume and hair wax on the table. I DON’T KNOW WHERE THE REST OF THESE THINGS COME FROM!!!! (It’s even more depressing to know that the rest of these things are mine!!! Bleargh.)

Sahur menu:
Burger King (which Tok and I shared one burger)
Homemade chicken puff

It was a kinda rushing sahur for us because Tok wanted to catch as much sleep as possible before his leaves for his morning shift.

And now Tok is at work and I am happy to announce tht he finally feels like taking a $ h!+. woooohooo! (You know, if anybody cares…. hahaaa.)

So remember kids, wash your fruits before you eat them!

Tonight we are breaking fast and staying overnight at my in-laws’. A kecoh session awaits!


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