Ramadhan 1434H : Day 5 & 6

Yesterday I woke up smiling knowing two things:
1) It was 10.30am
2) It was a SATURDAY, worry-free of any work-related matters, yesss!!!

(No offense to those who has to work on weekends and shift-hours. Heh.)

Tok had already left for work that morning, so I woke up and cleaned the room before I left for Dover after Zohor prayers.

I stopped by NTUC White Sands where there was a new Deli selling Halal roasted chicken of different flavours (woohoo!) and Tok asked me to get one Teriyaki and one Black Pepper roasted chicken before heading to Dover.

After a good  one hour of train ride that has hard seats (had almost forgotten how that feels like), I finally reached my in-laws, with the help of Tok who fetched me at Buona Vista mrt. Haha.

As Tok was recovering from his stomachache illness yesterday, we decided to forgo the Herbalife shakes and take our dose of Aloe conconction only before our proper Iftar meal.

Iftar menu:
Roasted Chicken
Tuna Sandwiches
Fried Macaroni

I didn’t manage to taste the Fried Macaroni because I was already feeling too full then. Huhu.

After Terawih prayers that night, we went out for a triple-date to Geylang Serai!  So it was me and Tok, my mum and dad-in-law, my sis-in-law and her husband. 

And OMG…. Geylang Serai on a weekend night: let’s just say if you want to lose weight quick, go loiter at the food & drinks sections of the bazaars. The heat, smoke and crowd is enough to make you sweat buckets within minutes!

It was too crowded that we didn’t spend too much time so after getting the food we needed to get, we headed back to Dover.

Even though it was about 1am, everyone was still awake and was in the mood to sit around the dining table to chat. It reminded me of days back in Johor when everyone was still unmarried and we’d stay up late to chat about everything and anything and laugh out loud without a care.

Sahur this morning was:
Herbalife Aloe mixture
Leftover fried macaroni
Chicken Nuggets
Hot Milo

Day 6

Woke up today again because it was 12 noon and it was SUNDAY!!!!! But then I suddenly remembered we were at Dover, guess now my mum in law knows what time I wake up on weekends! Oops. Buat malu company je. Haha.

We returned to Pasir Ris in the afternoon and rested so that Tok got enough rest before his night shift. Aku pun join sekaki la, apa lagi kan.

Iftar menu:
Herbalife Aloe mixture
Ribena (with Vit C goodness!)
Leftover crepes with nutella spread, strawberries and cheese
Tuna Sandwich
Chicken Porridge (which my parents had)
Homemade roasted chicken (which Tok and I had after Maghrib)

Sounds like a lot right? Of course la! Haha. Guess I won’t be eating much for Sahur later….and I think the menu will be pretty much the same. haha.

Day 7; Monday. BRING IT ON!


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