Ramadhan 1434H: Day 7 (Day 6 of Fasting)

I had myself confused when I was reading yesterday’s blog and wondered if I had fasted for 7 days today. It was not possible because we started fasting on Wednesday but today’s only Monday…. HOW LIDDAT??? So for the benefit of those reading, and myself (because I tend to turn dumber during fasting month), I decided to put the number of days we have fasted in the title of the entry. *points to the title*

Anyway today I woke up with a slight disappointment. It was such a perfect weather to be hiding and snoring away under my comforter….. BUT it was Monday. BOOOOOOO! Why play with my feelings like thiiiiiis? Ok, I’m just complaining to myself, not blaming anything or anyone.

So Sahur menu this morning:
Yesterday’s roasted chicken
Leftover Burger King burger from Friday (oh yess… it’s still edible)
Salad (I’m starting to love salads)

But I had my Herbalife Aloe-Water mixture and half of the burger (shared with my brother), followed by Herbalife Tea. Tok was at work protecting his country *ahem* from *ahem* illegal immigrants, haha, but he had his Herbalife Shake, Aloe and water for Sahur. How did I know? Because I was the one who packed for him last night la! Hehe.

Back to the proper sequence here, I dragged myself out of the bed and oh nooo… the wind was super cold, I thought I was in some snowy country on a holiday! (Pikir holiday je ehk!) Yet, that bath did me some good because my mind was all set for work, nope, no Monday blues today!

And yet, I managed to doze off in the bus. Reached work as early as 8.35am, and was surprised to know that I was the first to arrive! Then realized that my colleague who always arrives at 7am (ok lah, exaggerating only, but she always arrives super early one) was on course today with the boss, all the other auditors were out for assignment, two of the admin team were on leave… guess it was just me and my accountant in the office.

Without the boss and my super-punctual colleague around, the day went by fast and smooth… I LOIKE! Kan best kalo hari-hari camni.

Later in the afternoon, us Gangnam Gang said hello to our first baby (who has yet to be named)!!!! Congrats to Za and Min for your little henshem boy! Can’t wait to meet his in person and bring you out for raya you!

I finally left the office at FIVE-THIRTY *sings*!!!! And actually ran for the bus… (sanggup aku) because then I’ll get to see the husband for a longer time before he leaves for work! Heh.

Iftat today:
Soto Ayam
Fried chicken
Fruit salad (which I was so excited about because I got to cut a huge-ass mango using a technique I just learned today!)
Herbalife Aloe for me and Tok
Chicken Puffs from the earlier Iftars

And now as I prepare myself to sleep, I am actually drinking myself to sleep….but I’m more confident that I’ll be make trips to the toilet till I get too tired, THEN I’ll go to sleep.

Good night people!


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