Ramadhan 1434H: Day 8 (Day 7 of Fasting)

It’s Day 7 and I am feeling torn. I am unable to fast for the next few days (why? Click here. Self explanatory.) which explains the sadness. At the same time, feeling thankful that I can have more energy focusing on work without constantly thinking about food. But then again, I will need to set aside days to pay back the number of days I’ve missed fasting – which I always procrastinate – and then feel sad again.

YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN???!!! (PMS could be playing a part too.)

Despite being unable to fast, I have been taught by my mum and grandma that I must never eat openly and I should still behave as if I am fasting. The only difference is that my Sahur time is just before I leave for work, but I break my fast together with the rest of my family. At work, I still prefer not to eat so as not to confuse them, rather than having to explain to everyone about the monthly-event, etc.

This morning, my husband texted me saying that he was having fever. Wahhhh, I switched on standby mode to apply for leave (amik leave aje eh! biase eh!) then he said that today he’s not working so I should just quit worrying and go to work. Ok lor. Go to work lor.

Today was a pretty relaxed day at work with minimal phonecalls and no nagging/over-dramatic clients. I could really get use to this, but then my colleague and boss returns from their course tomorrow, so the busy and noisy scene will resume then.

Iftar menu today was:
Fried Rice Cakes (Lontong Goreng, from the day-before lontong for Soto Ayam)
Chicken Wantan
Fruit Salad
Herbalife Aloe-Water Mixture for me and Tok

Normally (even on non-Herbalife days) I don’t start with main dishes for Iftar. But that night, the Lontong Goreng were totally calling out to me, plus my brother had set aside one plate for me, soooooo…. you know what happened after that.

Totally regretted it because what followed next (after Isyak actually), I vomitted everything out. Ergh. Never. Do. That. AGAIN! I think my poor digestive system had a shock welcoming too much food suddenly.

Moral of the story: Don’t be greedy with food especially when you’ve not eaten for almost the whole day!

So anyway, I would like to share something nice with my fellow Muslimahs out there. During the fasting month, if you cannot fast but you reaaaaaally need to eat but you feel a little embarassed to spend some time over a snack (because psychologically, you shouldn’t be eating!), I found this yummy and fast solution – Nestum Cereal Drink!

Without the existence of this thing, I would have always thought Nestum is to be eaten like porridge or Quaker Oat (boring right not?)… But with this drink (which is nicer than the normal cereal drink by the way), I feel satisfied, as if I just had lunch, in 15 minutes or less!

That way I can also escape from my colleagues pointing at me and go “*GASP* YOU NEVER PUASA YOU!!!!”


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