Ramadhan 1434H: Day 9 (Day 8 of Fasting)

Just in case you still want to know what my family had for Sahur (hahaaa):
Fried Fish
Sambal Tumis
Fried Long Beans

I still woke up for Sahur because 1) my husband woke up for Sahur 2) I was curious to know what was for Sahur, you know, maybe I’d like to have some too 3)I couldn’t sleep without my husband beside me. Hahahhahhahahaha meluat kepe yang nombor tiga tuuuu! “Berdiri bulu ketiak I…” as how Petom would say it. But I was in the kitchen for about 10 minutes before I headed back to my bed for a reunion with my dreams. Heeh.

Today was a pretty busy and noisy day… but we had a pretty nice lunch session just talking about my colleague’s course. She’s currently taking up a Tourism Course with her mum who owns a tour agency (it’s a family business so my colleague pretty much has no choice).

Did you know that Fort Canning Hill’s original name was Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill), then changed to Government Hill (during the British times) then changed to Fort Canning Hill (due to the World War, the forts were located there and was erected by Mr. Canning)??? Then it finally changed its name to Fort Canning Park because our dearest Minister Mentor planted a tree there. LOL.

Did you know that CHIJMES has Buddhist-like statues/carvings? It was once an orphanage, and as majority of the orphans were Buddhists, the Father of the church decided to place Buddhist-like statues so that the orphans will feel more comfortable there.

Have you ever noticed a tree on your $5 note? (Go dig for it now!!) That particular tree STILL exists in the Singapore Botanical Garden!

Strangely enough, my colleague dreads her tourism course. This is super interesting and educational lah!! It makes me regret that I lost interest in History during secondary school days – I could have learnt things, like Iskandar Shah was our last Sultan in Singapore.

Enough about my colleague’s tourism lesson, today’s iftar was:
Keema! Many would enjoy it, but I didn’t. Maybe because I seldom eat it.

I had only two spoonfuls of keema, a slice of bread and one sausage. Wouldn’t want the puke drama to happen again, would we?

So now as I await the husband to return home, with all the chores done and nobody to disturb at home (Terawih in progress), I decided to entertain myself by watching 4Bia (Thai horror movie), all alone. Fearing I may be too scared to sleep or go to the toilet later, I’ve chosen to minimize the post-Horror-movie effect by watching it in MUTE!

Am I such a genius or what?


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