Ramadhan 1434H: Day 11 (Day 10 of Fasting)

This morning’s Sahur:
I saw a fish dish but I don’t what it’s called. Haha.
Tok and I had our Herbalife Aloe-Water drink and shakes

I decided to work from home today because the thought of travelling suddenly seemed daunting. But I think I’m beginning to get too pampered to be working from home, I fear I may not even want to step into the office ever and just stick my backside at home.

Although my boss has announced that those who wishes to work from home needs to go through a formal application (paperworks and stuffs), I chose not to take that path…because I felt that the right time has not come.

Anyway, today was also Tok’s off day, so after I’ve checked my work mails and his Friday prayers, we had a mini-movie date. Haha. Basically just lazying around and watched Olympus Has Fallen.

Though the storyline seems too similar to White House Down, it was still a good movie. I forgot how good-looking Gerard Butler is.

My parents decided to go for an impromptu trip to my grandparents’ house in Johor, this time it was their first ever by motorcycle! So the house will be in the good hands of us four. Or will it? Times like these usually make teenagers rejoice and call for a slumber party or a game gathering. But I’m already 27, tak kuasa la aku nk pikir pasal buat party ni sume.

Iftar today was with Tok’s friends at MCC Coffeeshop at Kampung Eunos. It has the likes of Teh Tarik Coffeeshop, Spize, 89.7 Supper Club, only more cozy, less variety of food. I had Nasi Ayam Penyet which I only ate the chicken, tempeh and fried tauhu and left half of the rice untouched. Their sambal was not as spicy as expected and my tongue didn’t sizzle in pain, but was good enough.

After which, we all headed down to Geylang Serai where I made a mental list of items to buy the next time I go. Yes, next time…. hehe… aku belum puas lagi!

Now we are home, $30 later (on tudungs) and time to sleep! Tomorrow we will be breaking our fast at Dover (my in-laws), oooh can’t wait!


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