Ramadhan 1434H: Day 12 (Day 11 of Fasting)

Well I thought with the parents away, I’d be waking up at the last minutes for Sahur…. but I found myself in the kitchen with my sis-in-law at 4.30am….a pat at our backs for being the best wiveswakingupearlyforsahurwhileourhusbandsarestillinlalaland!


This morning’s Sahur:
Herbalife shakes and aloe – noone cooked any dishes that could tempt us!

I woke up 6 hours later, and got a shock to see it was almost noon. But then it was Saturday, so…meeeeeeeh.

The agenda was to make some roti kirai and bring them over to Dover for iftar. The previous night, I whatsapped my mum-in-law (the means of communication these days…) to ask if she could make a curry dish so I could contribute the kirais, and she said ok! We were probably in the win-win situation then because she was cracking her head on what to cook for today’s iftar and I was totally in the mood to make roti kirais.

So about six hours later, me and my roti kirais reached Dover and said hello to Beef Curry that was simmering in the pot. Yumz.

Iftar menu today:
Roti Kirai
Beef Curry
Curry puffs
Sliced Apples

Since I couldn’t pray today, while the rest prayed Maghrib, Isyak and Terawih, I was left watching the cats and reading newspaper… which wasn’t such chores because the cats were pretty much left doing their own thing – one was sleeping next to me (nothing new with that one), one was playing at the side of the praying mat (always at at the bright-red mat) and the fattest one was lying on the weighing machine (entah sedar ke tak dia tu gemokz).

Shortly after Terawih, we decided to head back to Pasir Ris, quite early this time since tomorrow Tok is on morning shift. And the kirai-making session took its toll on me (mengada-ngada or what! hahaha).

Tomorrow we have a surprise for my dad to celebrate his birthday! We bought him a tablet we hope he likes (after dropping hints on it, he better!)… and I’m planning to whip up a special menu for iftar!


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