Fairly Cheesy

The husband and I finally set aside some time to go on a nice date a few nights ago. On that same morning, I had posted this photo:

(from my instagram)

…. which he had no idea about.

So when we were sitting at the Open Plaza at Tampines Mall’s rooftop with one box of Takoyaki balls and drinks while waiting for my dad’s sms to say we can already break our fast, I opened Instagram to check and he happened to see that photo.

Him: Eh lawa! Tapi kenapa I tengok you sekarang gelap??
Me: (WTH… I resisted myself from admitting, but…) I pakai app lah!
Him: Cheeeeeeeehhhhhh… hahahahaha… ape jeeeee….


We later went for a proper Iftar session at BBQ Chicken and tried out this Spoon Pizza which was very very nice! You should try it, but if you plan to, try not to order other disehs because the pizza itself is enough to make two people feel full….unless you are a big eater.

And what is pizza without cheese right? This Spoon Pizza had lotsalotsalotsa cheese!!! Which later resulted in my talking in my sleep, so my husband had some entertainment that night listening to me talking in my sleep.

It wasn’t even a conversation, it was short and sweet. I simply exclaimed,


According to him, after that I went back to sleep and said nothing more. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku……*cover face in embarrassment*


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