Ramadhan 1434H: Day 17 (Day 16 of Fasting)

Hello!!! I know I’ve been away for a few days, because work has been crazy but I do miss the daily updates…. but I’m still going to skip it anyway because ain’t nobody got time fo that!

I hope your week has been a good one so far, if not better than mine… It has really been a crazy one, especially in the mornings for I STILL struggle waking up in the morning for work. The strange thing is, I can wake up fresh for sahur, preparing Herbalife shakes and tea… but then later that feeling suddenly plunges down to IwilleatyouupifIdonotsleepNOW-feeling. The irony.

But the best part comes during the afternoon during work when I get to go out and perform ablutions prior to Zohor prayer, because that cold water running down my face feels like a slap across my face. The nice, cooling kind of slap. The bestest part comes when I leave at 5.30pm because so far the bus has never disappointed me – it always arrives just as I reach the bus stop! Macam tahu je pemaisuri baru sampai kan. Heeeeh.

With two weeks more till Raya, how are your preparations so far? I have yet to start baking because (you’ve guessed it!) of work, which makes me wonder now and then, ‘last year pun keje sama company, kenapa tahun ni sibuk semacam????‘… then I retract back and think to myself ‘Alhamdulillah, at least I have a job… now quit complaining and go do your work!‘ We might even resort crashing down to Geylang at last minute and grab some goodies (which will be the first time in my family’s history of Raya preparations).

Baju raya – checked! The husband and I have them made before we got married! Kiasu or whaaaat. No la, the raw cloth was a pre-wedding gift from my mum to us, so since we happened to go Johor Bahru to get some wedding stuffs, might as well we get them tailored, because we never know when these tailors will stop taking in orders for Raya. The question now is: Will we be able to fit in? (Herbalife, aku betol2 harapkan kau ni…)

Angpao (sampul duit) – checked! The contents – not important! LOL. This year (and last year), I bought through a friend who sells pretty money envelopes for Raya. This year, I bought these Aztec-printed designs:-

Pretty not??? One packet contains 10 pieces, each packet selling for $4, and you can get 3 for $10! AND it includes delivery ok! If you are like me, lazy to travel to Geylang to buy the money envelopes, you can add my friend here Ida through FB kkkk.

With the above pretty much settled, I am still considering other stuffs like new curtains, new bedsheets, new carpet…. or maybe I shall reserve that when I become more makcik-makcik. I’ve not reached that level yet. Haaaah.

Today has been a pretty peaceful day so far. Can’t wait to get home today because I’ll be spending my weekend in JB!!! I am sooo going to disturb my nieces and nephews about them not fasting *evil laugh*, and play with them till I get sooo thirsty and then sleep and wake up for Iftar…

Ni kalo mak aku tahu….


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