Hello Syawal!


I know it’s been ages since I updated in here, and I also did not follow through with my almost-daily Ramadhan posts, but hey, since we are STILL in the month of Syawal, let me wish every one of you Muslims out there:


Hope your raya celebration has been well, but let us not forget those in Egypt and pray for them too ya? Every time I log into FB and Instagram, I wish someone didn’t post photos of those who have lost their lives there… I get queasy ok!

But then, it is these photos that reminds us of the good life we have, so let’s say our thanks to Him! (Alhamdulillah!)

Raya this year has been pretty fun! Except for the seeking forgiveness part. With the husband part. I couldn’t keep it serious, I kept giggling, it was too weird! Of course he became annoyed, so I did my best.

Ok, can we like, do it again???

As for my in-laws, seeking forgiveness was…. interesting! Because my husband has FIVE other siblings, so there is a some kind of an unofficially established procedure that has to be executed in order. It was quite weird for me too, but this one was in a good way-weird.

We went to JB on the second day, which was also Singapore’s National Day… but at the thought of having our hands on mercun made us forgot about catching NDP on TV. In fact, as soon as it got dark after Maghrib, all the mercuns and bunga api (sparklers) appeared out of nowhere! Like magic!

Of course my nieces and nephews (of suitable ages) magically appeared too, and played with the sparklers, while my cousins yelled at their respective kids to keep caution.

We returned to Singapore at midnight, while JB still had her dark skies lit up with lots of fireworks.

The rest of that weekend was spent on visiting our other elderly folks, at the same time receiving guests. All was in good fun.

Now the husband and I are in ‘recovering’ mode from all that eating and weight-gain, I do feel a slight regret giving in to the food calling. Because on the 5th day of Raya, I suffered from diarrheoa… and I was attacked again very recently. Thankfully, I could not quite point out which food caused this stomach-churning events, because all of them tasted so so good! Like my colleague said, “Seems like your diarrheoa was worth it.”

True dat!

Shall end this post with one of my favourite Raya photos, which I think we could qualify if there was a “Step Datuk Datin Photo Contest”. You think?


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