Some times, I wonder how on earth did I end up in this job when my mindset was initially set on numbers, tallying balances on journals and my fingers tirelessly pressing on the calculator too hard and too fast (even keying in my home telephone and mobile numbers thrill me). And now I find myself cracking my brain for words to complete 24-page reports based on my observations and findings at clients’ places.

Words! Believe me if I can fill that report with numbers instead, I would!

Only God knows the type of hatred I have towards wordy things (ironically typing a blog entry is an exception), whenever I see a thick textbook, manual, typing an essay – my brain automatically shuts itself. Now how do I (in my boss’s words) vomit out words to fill up the report?

Then one day, I recently conducted an audit in a government body, where their work processes impressed me so much I almost wanted to applaud them each time each department finished their presentation. During my time there, I found out that their Chief Executive publishes a weekly journal and circulates it to all their staff for reading. One of his staff praises it a lot so of course the kaypo side of me couldn’t help but to read a few of his journals – part of audit, I told myself (heh). I would have expected either so personal (like how us secondary school kids treat our journals like diaries), or something very formal, filled with ‘chimp’ words and all about government politics, but NO. The contents of all his journals are all about the current affairs, it has a light-hearted feel to it and each of them can reach out to anyone reading it, not just limited to this organization. Then I thought, “This guy actually do this EVERY WEEK eh? Without fail?” From where does he vomit out the words?!

And then I remembered I read a book gifted by my boss called “10 Strategic Rules for Managers”, that the author’s father was good in writing because writing about everything and anything. And so he became better at it, that he successfully wrote a book that sold millions worldwide.

Impressive right?

At least I was. So I’m thinking of adapting the idea, in blog-form. It may, or may not help me with my report-writing skills and improve my productivity level vomitting out reports after reports, but I sure hope for the former. Just when I have accepted the fact that I may slowly be bringing shame to my Malay roots (possibly my Malay teachers too) for not being able to converse in the language well now, I have also found myself speaking in English to family/friends/colleagues and get stuck in the middle searching for a word.

Temporary solution? Just laugh embarrassingly, with a tinge of innocence. And nope, still not going to resign from this job.

~It’s only words… and words are all I have, to take your heart away….~


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