Olive Oil!

If you are a girl who loves to shop on make-up, branded stuffs, collectively known as the girly stuffs…. then one day your mind and eyes start to keep a look-out for sales and you find yourself in a ridiculously long queue with some other 981239079370 women to pay for the sales items….

Fret not. It doesn’t mean you are poor. It doesn’t mean you are a cheap-skate. It just means that you have painstakingly researched for cheaper alternatives and saving money on better stuffs. How about that for comforting words? LOL. (I tell myself that all the time since pre-wedding preparation days. I think it can be addictive once you start.)

Anyway, I would like to share with you something brilliant I have recently discovered. I am heavily dependent on make-up remover because I use it at least twice a day. The cheapest make-up remover I have come across would be a 30-sheet pack for $7.90, and the cheapest thing I have bought for a make-up remover is $1 for 30 sheets – and that was a wet tissue. My favourite is still Biore Make Up Remover Tissue, and while Watsons would be selling the refill pack for above $10, the cheaper alternative (@ $7.80) is selling at Chinatown. Now that my office has shifted to Ubi, I’ll be scratching my head trying to find the time to go to Chinatown. That’s like, never. Hurh.

This discovery of mine may have existed hundreds/thousands of years ago, and some of you may have seen it on Youtube and/or beauty websites… ladies and gentlemen, it is OLIVE OIL.

Yes, it’s that oil some people use for cooking… and I am using it as make-up remover. It must be working well, otherwise I won’t bother posting it up here right? If you are willing to try, go get an empty bottle or reuse your empty make up remover bottle, fill it with 1/10 olive oil and 9/10 water. Shake well before pouring some on your cotton wool and it removes even your waterproof make up!

Olive oil isn’t even expensive to begin with… I just bought a 600ml bottle of olive oil from Mustapha selling for $5.80! I haven’t started using that one yet, so I look forward to see how long that can last me. Hehe.

After this wonderful beauty discovery, I was on a google frenzy searching for more beauty uses for Olive Oil (besides healthy cooking). While Olive Oil is good (really good) for the skin, it is also promotes hair growth, healthy scalp and ensuring hair grows healthily. What I love to do recently, on my single-nights (when the husband is on night shift), I will rub olive oil all over my scalp and then my hair will then look oily. Sleep with it so your scalp and hair absorbs the Olive Oil goodness, and when you wake up tomorrow, wash it off with your favourite shampoo…. and I promise you your hair will glow and feels smooth. Ok, it won’t glow (imagining glow sticks), but it will shine!

My next Olive Oil trial will be face scrub – rub olive oil + water mixture on your face, and rub some sugar on it and any impurities will come right off!

Thank God for Olive Oil!!! Happy trying to you!


2 thoughts on “Olive Oil!

  1. Yeah! Olive oil is the best make up remover and conditioner! i have a bottle tertinggal at makni house, also from mustafa. used to wear it before marriage. Now dah tak cause the smell quite strong. Hoho

    • Does it smell? Or is the pregnancy symptom? Hehe. Extra Virgin Olive Oil smells more funky, but I heard it works better. Dunno how true.

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