The Flood

So… yesterday most parts of Singapore experienced The Flash Flood.

image from

I was completely oblivious to it until last night the husband showed me the pictures, I thought, hurh, someone must have photoshopped it, or it must be from that time when the malls in Orchard were flooded.

Ok, yesterday’s flood really did happen.

But I was more amused at the fact that the AYE was closed, than the photos of ridiculously flooded roads and walkways. Was that why my boss did not enter the office yesterday unannounced? Hmmmmm. (And yet, nobody bothered to ask about him, LOL.)

Being the less-stressful day it was today, Friday and all, (our minds almost teleported to the weekends… and all) the flood became this morning’s cheery topic. It all started when my colleague brought up a Facebook’s user’s comment on the flood and the affected expressway, which said something like “They should bring out all the dragonboats so that the public can travel…”

Here is how some stranger’s comment lead to all of us saying the darndest things…

“Ya hor! So every one can bring themselves to work and exercise at the same time!”
“Then it will be FOC, since every one is rowing!”
“But pregnant women, old people, small children and the disabled one can only sit quietly la, not fair!”
“When the boat’s full, the person at the most front will yell ‘PLEASE MOVE IN! THANK YOU!'”
“Eh, they shouldn’t use dragonboat… no shelter!!”
“Everyone carry their own umbrella la!”
“Then use motorboat or ferry la!”
“Use the Ducktour boat is the best!”


Thank you to that fella who posted that comment in Facebook. You made our Friday morning.

Have a great weekend all! Me? I’ll be slogging through my reports (one down, two more to go!)… and the only thing I look forward to is going to my in-laws’ tomorrow and food while trying to stick to a healthy diet.


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