It’s Friday…

…the THIRTEENTH! *suspense music effect*


I am not one who believes in such things, but everytime a Friday falls on the 13th of the month, I am always reminded of bad things that have coincidentally happened on past Fridays the 13th.

Let me share with you one ‘Friday the 13th’ incident that happened to me last year…. when a bird decided to poop on my head dress. And my head dress happened to be (of all colours) black that day, so imagine my hysteria when I was walking and felt something warm and slightly weighted drop on your head. Thankfully I had my colleagues who, one immediately took out a wet tissue to help wipe off the shit… and the other couldn’t help but to laugh.

On that same Friday, one of my auditors called upon reaching the office lobby of his client’s place. He sounded hysterical as well, but we were all puzzled at his voice. Prior to his audit, we all knew that the client’s office was at the 20-something level. The auditor finally told us that ALL the lifts were under repair and maintenance that day.

It was definitely a horror to my auditor, but oh yes, the rest of us had a good time laughing back at our office. And we still laugh about it to this day. The client has since relocated, and they are now located on the 2nd level of another building. PHEWWWW! Hahaha.

So, if you are the superstitious kind…

Otherwise, it’s the end of the work week ya’ll!!! Happy Friday to the rest of us!

(Pardon the vulgarity and some words that should have been censored. Heh.)





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